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A Brief History of Taj Mahal.

Marble inlay, a craft work also known as pietre dure, is a 350-year-old tradition in the land of the Taj Mahal. The art of marble inlay or “Parchin kari” was introduced in India in the 17th century by the Mughals. The Mughals who were known for their great passion for art and architecture brought with them many different forms of art during their rule, which was the golden period of India’s architectural history.“Parchin kari” was a little known art which was made famous by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, who envisaged the decoration of the Taj Mahal (today one of the Top first in the seven wonders of the world) by this exquisite work, to fulfill the last wishes of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.The master craftsmen who specialized in this fine art of setting gems and semiprecious stones in marble came from Persia (today’s Iran) to decorate the Taj Mahal. So enormous was the vision of the Emperor that it took 20,000 highly skilled master craftsmen 22 years to realize his dream. During these years most of the master artisans had chosen Agra as their second home, as Agra was the capital of the most powerful imperial courts of the east and a great center for scholars and artisans. Since then this exquisite art has been an integral part of the cultural heritage of Agra, and has been kept alive by the descendants of the great artisans who gave the world the mesmerizing Taj Mahal.But today, marble inlay is enjoying a renaissance.

About us and Marble Inlaid Art

Marble Cottage Established in 1974 by designer and  artist Mohammad Mubin (descendant of Persians artists in Taj Mahal during 16th century) has been working with inlay for many years, between 1970 and 1974, he sought new materials and innovative ideas on a journey through India, and He investigated the relationship between material quality of art & local cultures.

The customer's most unusual idea can be translated into a piece that is unlike any other in the world. We create unique designs according to the order of beautiful floral, geometrical & other patterns.


Marble Cottage use Semi-precious stones like Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian, Coral, Turquoise, Paua Shell, Jasper, Onyx, Agate etc., can be used for inlay.


Marble Cottage use Marble for inlay in four different types & color marble i.e. Makrana white, carrapa black, jade green and jasper yellow.

Chief Characters of Indian marble

1.It is stain-proof. Any kind of drink like highly acidic coca-cola, wine or whisky, tea & coffee won't stain it. So it is quite functional.

2.White and pink marble is "Translucent", green and black are "Opaque".

3.It is "washable" with normal soap or detergent. Even it is inlaid, cleaning it is no problem.

Marble Cottage produce in their own manufacturing factory like Marble Dining Table Tops, Dining Tables, Plates,Boxes, Trays, Pietre dure Tables,Coaster-sets, Chess Boards, Backgammon Boards, Vases, Wine Cups, Card/Pen holders, Photo Frames, Marble Inlay Medallion,Marble Inlay Tiles, Inlaid floor, Console Table, Kitchen Counters, Statues, Animal figures, Fire places, Tomb-Stones, Name plate, custom design, calligraphy and corporate gifts.

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Marble Inlay Art Collections.

Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of world. It's known for exceptional inlay work and architecture. Marble Cottage presents, the wonders of same inlay work for your interiors. We capture the beauty of Taj Mahal as inlay designs on White Makrana Marble & Kudappa Black stone to guard the royalty of the Great Mughal's era.

Inlay is one of the most intricate and complicated arts. It is originated in Florence, Italy in 16th century known as Pietra Dura. It was introduced in India in 17th century by the Mughals. The art of inlay is called "Parchin Kari".
We have an imperial collection of Marble Inlay Table Tops, Tiles, Floorings, Stairs, Borders & Panels etc. Add a new color to your home decor with these mesmerizing and colorful floral pattern exquisitely inlaid on White Marble & Kudappa Black Stone and win all-round enthusiastic response from your guests.

Our designs are inspired with some of world known monuments, buildings and churches. We are also creating sceneries in INLAY which show the scene of Hindu and Christian mythology as well as ancient European culture.
The most important fact about our art, till now we are using the same kind of tools as used in 16th & 17th century for this work. Also using the same sort of stones, which are not only genuine but they give real look of past era.

The Making of Inlay Art.

The art of marble inlay is a traditional form of art which is confined to the Muslim community of Agra.
Work begins by careful planning of designs, which is done by the “Ustad” or the master craftsman
After a design has been chosen, the “Ustad” sets the colour scheme and totality of the design. This is followed by careful selection of raw material (like various semiprecious stones and marble), which is selected by the experienced master craftsman. During this process special emphasis is laid on choosing various shades of semiprecious stones to give the right gradation and shading to the flowers and other motifs.

The selected stones are then shaped with the help of especially made emery wheels. Each part of the design is shaped individually, which requires a lot of patience. At times a single Magnolia flower may have more than 100 individual pieces and may require about one week to make.

Once all the stones are shaped, work passes to a different group of artisans who specialize in inlaying the stone motifs in marble. Here grooves are cut in the marble with a help of an iron chisel. The grooves are made exactly of the same size so that the stones can fit perfectly in them. The stones are set in the grooves by special glues. This is followed by hand polishing of the marble article, which is done with the help of a traditional polishing powder which is applied on the surface with a soft, moist muslin cloth
Finally the article is checked carefully for any shortcomings, which if present are rectified before shipping to the customer.


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For further Information, If any, Please Contact us:

 Mr.Mohammad Azhar : +91-992-750-7868
Marble Cottage
Shop No 7,6,5 Jasoria Enclave,
Near IDEA Zonal Office
Fatehabad Road, AGRA-282001 INDIA
OFF PHONE:  +91-562-4001812


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